The most popular diving spots in Marmaris

Wreck Marmaris

The Reef

It is the headland opposite the Keçi Island Lighthouse at the exit of Marmaris. It is a point that divers call a reef. Both used for training purposes and experienced divers can dive a lot.

Sari Mehmet Cape

Sarı Mehmet Cape

Located between Turunç and Içmeler, Sarı Mehmet Cape is a popular diving spot suitable for beginners and experts. With depths between 5 and 21 meters, the cape and the bay offer a fantastic diving spot.

Baca (Chimney) Cave

Baca (Chimney) Cave

Baca Cave is the most popular diving point in Marmaris. With depths ranging between 5 and 50 meters, this spot is suitable for both beginners and expert divers.

Keçi Adası

Goat Island (Lighthouse)

Keci Adası is located by the lighthouse and has depths ranging from 8 to 38 meters. This spot is best suited for expert divers and has a variety of sea creatures. like octopus and red cardinal fish.

Abdi Reis Cove

Hayitli Cape

Hayitli Cape is on the opposite side of Keci (Goat) Island Lighthouse. This area is an easy place with beginners for diving practice. The depth varies from 5 to 38 meters and has a rocky environment.

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